Boost Personal Safety On Black Friday

Posted on November 27, 2013

Even as some people tuck in for a night at home eating turkey and watching football tomorrow, there will be some who are already looking past Thanksgiving festivities to the shopping opportunity that comes Thursday evening.  Stores are opening their doors earlier than ever for Black Friday, a moniker that no longer even really applies.

If you plan to brave the crowds of people rushing the stores tomorrow night, then you absolutely must do so with safety in mind.  In the rush to snag the last Xbox One or Playstation 4, people tend to let their inhibitions slip by the wayside, creating the types of circumstances that could contribute to a personal injury.  Protect yourself and others by thinking about and acting on the tips available in a new report.

Safety begins on your way to the store.  Keep in mind that persons behind the wheel may not be in the right mind due to a drive to get to the front of the waiting line combined with perhaps a little overindulgence in holiday spirits.  Stay cautious at the wheel, looking out for dangerous drivers at all times.

When you get to the parking lot, try to get close to the door, but seeing as this may be difficult given the immense crowds, then at the very least make sure you’re positioning your vehicle in a highly trafficked, well-lit area.  That way, if someone attempts to accost you or steal your purchases from the car, you’ll be able to signal for help.  And it should go without saying that you should not leave your children in the car while you head into the store.  In fact, make plans ahead of time so that someone can watch your children while you head out to the store.

You want to minimize the possibility of theft whenever you can.  That means not taking along any expensive jewelry.   You should also keep a purse and a wallet tucked close to your body.  Pay attention to the people around you at all times, and if something strikes you as suspicious, don’t hesitate to alert security personnel.

If you know you’re going to buy a lot of stuff while you’re out, then have someone go with you so that they can ease the load you’re going to carry out of the store.  In fact, you may want to have someone with you anyway, as there will always be strength in numbers.

Should you have no choice but to bring children with you, then you must make sure to keep them in your sight at all times.  This is particularly important when people are crowding in from every direction.  Do not let kids wander off, and make sure they know who to alert and what information to tell security if they become separated for any reason.

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