Altadena Deputies Explain How To Arrive Safely At Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on November 26, 2013

No matter where you’re headed this Thanksgiving, you want to make sure you can get there and back safely, and that requires additional precautions when navigating busy roads.  The Sheriff’s Station of Altadena, California has provided a series of valuable tips that all motorists should think about putting into action on their upcoming trips to the homes of relatives and loved ones.

Before you go, make sure that you either put your mail and newspapers on hold or have a trusted neighbor come by to pick those things up for you.  That way, you won’t come home to find your house robbed by someone who used those things as a signpost signaling the fact that you weren’t home.

You should tell your host what time you’re going to get to their residence so that they know if something has gone wrong.  At the same time, let them know if you’re running a little bit late but there’s not an emergency.  Rather than try to push yourself into dangerous circumstances, understand that it’s better to arrive late than to suffer an accident caused by poor weather or aggressive driving.

If you have to make stops along the way, make sure to keep an eye on young children.  Accompany them to the restroom and warn them that strangers at rest areas and other places should not be conversed with.

Finally, be prepared in case an accident or some sort of car trouble does happen.  A cellphone along with an accompanying charger is a great idea so you can call for towing or emergency help.  You should also have insurance information ready to go in those instances.

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