AAA Says Distracted Driving Selfies Are Becoming More Common

Posted on November 18, 2013

Distracted driving is a real problem in this era of constant connectivity.  But while some people no doubt realize this and have seen firsthand drivers who are looking down at their phones to text rather than focusing on the road in front of them, there are some trends that have come about that are almost too shocking to believe.  A new report finds AAA warning about one such trend:  that of the distracted driving selfie.

A selfie is what happens when someone snaps a photo of themselves with their phone.  According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the number of such photos being taken by those during driving has increased dramatically.  The agency points to a slew of hashtags that have become commonplace in the recent era, such as #drivingfast, #drivingtowork, and perhaps the most wince-inducing, #drivingintherain.

Videos are also a common occurrence, with some people thinking it’s poetic or artsy to film the rain beading down their windshields with the hashtag #rainx.  AAA says some of these videos will even show the driver lowering their phone to the speedometer as proof that they’re moving quickly down the road during the video.

Talking or texting on a cellphone is bad enough, but actions such as these are particularly disheartening to safety advocates.  The manipulation required to take a photo or a video while driving compromises your driving ability.  Put the phone down so that the last image ever taken of you doesn’t depict an injury or death.

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