Navigating the Perils of a Stipulated Protective Order

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Panish Shea & Boyle’s own Adam Shea and Ryan A. Casey have contributed a great article to the newest issue of the Advocate Magazine.  The article delves into the problematic nature of readily agreeing to a stipulated protective order when dealing with a product liability case.

Although it may seem like the better option to agree to these terms, Shea and Casey have outlined precisely why doing so may hinder an attorney’s ability to properly aid clients.  When you sign a protective order, you gain access to documents that may be necessary for winning a case, but the way those documents can be used is severely limited.  A defendant is likely to ask that just about everything fall under the order regardless of the nature of the documents, and the order could product other obstacles as well.

Shea and Boyle explain how to approach such a situation in a way that’s productive for a plaintiff’s case, and it’s a worthwhile read for anyone in the midst of a product liability lawsuit.

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