Reduce Fire and Burn Threats As The Holidays Approach

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As people ready themselves for Thanksgiving and the holidays in general, certain fire hazards may be created that are important to avoid.  Therefore, citizens may want to take a look at some of the burn and fire safety tips related by the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Injury Prevention Education Coordinator in a new report.

The best protection is that which can alert you and your family to a potential catastrophe, and this comes in the form of a smoke alarm tested on a monthly basis for verification that it works.  Family members should know how to get out speedily should this ever go off.

To prevent fires in the first place, make sure you minimize how much is plugged into an individual outlet, especially at this time of the year when lit-up decorations may be abundant.  If you need more space, a power strip with a surge protector is essential.  If you’re cooking or lighting candles, constant supervision is a must, with the flame or power turned off when you’re not around.

Do whatever you can to reduce the risk of burns around this time of the year as well.  If you have a young child, make sure that you’re not drinking coffee or hot tea when you’re taking care of them.  When preparing food on the stovetop, it’s wise to use the back burners, especially when dealing with boiling water.  And if you’ve heated something up in the microwave, give it a chance to cool off so you’re not scalded by steam.