Take A Hike With The Right Safety Precautions

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If you’re planning on taking a hike anytime soon, then there are certain precautions that can both prevent an injury and safeguard your health when an emergency is beyond your control.  Discovery News has illuminated those precautions in a new report, and hikers ought to take note.

Safety begins before you even head out the front door, as you should let someone you trust know where you’re going to be and when you’re going to return.  Should you suffer some type of fall or other injury that impedes your ability to move, prompt rescue is essential to limiting the damage and saving your life.  And if weather reports suggest bad weather is in the offing, you might consider delaying the trip entirely so that the chances of an emergency are reduced.

You should never leave the house without the type of survival equipment that can avert disaster and keep you on your path.  A map, along with a compass, is essential for navigation, while an ample supply of food and water is a good idea in case you get lost or injured anyway.  Extra clothes are a necessity, as is a lighter and first aid equipment.

Finally, know what to do if you do get lost and need a rescue.  A fire can help you signal for help, as can wearing bright clothing and blowing a whistle.