Undeclared Allergen Risk Leads Vallejo Company to Recall Caesar Salads

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The Vallejo, California-based Ghiringhelli Foods has announced the recall of a product that would have only been available at Trader Joe’s retailers in Carson City, Reno, and various parts of Northern California.  The recall affects Caesar Salads under the Trader Giotto’s brand.  709 products from one particular lot are impacted by the recall, which was initiated after Trader Joe’s was able to take note of an improper label that fails to outline the presence of fish, wheat, or soy within the product.  Without this label, persons who are allergic to those substances could face a serious reaction upon consumption of the salad.  The items, which come in an eight and a half ounce clamshell package noting the Use By date of November 3, can be brought back to the place of purchase by those looking to get their money back.

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