36,272 Cargo Trailers Recalled By Cargo Craft Due To Safety Risk

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Cargo trailers of the 2006 through 2013 model years are being recalled by Cargo Craft because of the potential for the Fastec door locks to jam, an issue that has already led to its fair share of recalls of various vehicles.  This particular announcement pertains to an estimated 36,272 trailers, and as with the other recalls of this nature, it was deemed necessary because of the propensity of the locks to jam when a user removes a key in a given manner.  This can trap people inside with no way to escape aside from using the emergency exit.  An injury hazard is thus posed.  The recall should start by year’s end, at which point owners will hear from Cargo Craft and the trailers can then be brought in for a free inspection and repair service from Fastec.

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