Utah Highway Patrol Uses Zombies To Reduce Drunk Driving Fatalities

Posted on October 30, 2013

Zombies are all the rage in the modern world.  They can be seen on one of the most popular shows on television, at various haunted houses and conventions across the country, and tomorrow, they’re no doubt going to be wandering the streets in search of candy instead of brains.  Given their popularity, it should come as no surprise that the monsters are being used by safety advocates to spread a good message.

In a bid to spread awareness about the importance of drivers refraining from alcohol consumption, the Utah Highway Patrol has put together a takeoff of Mothers Against Drunk Driving called Zombies Against Drunk Driving.  The agency first put together the safety campaign two Halloweens ago, and given the success of ZADD, they are bringing it back again this year.

One Sergeant with the UHP notes the success they’ve had with this tongue in cheek campaign.  He points out that only 20 of the 217 fatalities that occurred throughout the state last year were related to some type of impairment at the wheel.  The various internet videos featuring the zombies interacting with officers are thought to be partially responsible for the drop.

Such awareness is particularly important during this time of the year, as that same officer explained that only Utah’s Pioneer Day and Independence Day lead to more drunk driving fatalities.

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