USDA Looks Into Food Storage Failings Of Sysco

Posted on October 1, 2013

Recently, NBC Bay Area conducted an investigation into the Sysco corporation’s practice of allegedly storing products in sheds without the proper refrigeration.  This is worrisome, as the produce, dairy, and meat items in question need to be stored properly if consumers can hope to stay safe from foodborne contaminants.  Now, that report has led to an investigation into the matter by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The whole endeavor is delved into in a new report.  As stated, it all started when 21 sheds scattered across California were discovered to be short of safety standards, with 15 additional units being found in Canada.  In July, the state’s Department of Public Health stepped in to look at the issue.

A Congressional Representative from Santa Cruz, who also happens to be a member of the Food and Drug Administration, expressed disappointment with the lack of proper procedure being followed by the largest food distributor in the world, Sysco.  He explained that such a move violates the trust of consumers and those persons responsible for growing and producing the food in the first place.  He noted that growers could follow every safety precaution only to basically see that work undone by a lack of proper storage by handlers.

A food safety expert interviewed at the above link explained that the entire distribution process deserves closer scrutiny to prevent these types of situations.

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