Take Precautions As You Ready Your Home For Colder Weather

Posted on October 3, 2013

Now that fall is here, many citizens will be readying their homes for colder weather, which means that furnaces are going to come online and open flames will become more common as people light candles and start blazes in fireplaces.  To help ensure safety, the Fire Department of Kent, Washington has put together some tips that can be exercised throughout the home.

Before you turn on any furnace for the fall and winter, you should have a professional come by to take a look at it.  He or she should be willing to point out any deficiencies and fix or clean up any hazards that may have accumulated since the last time the furnace was on.  The same goes for a fireplace, as the area the smoke is supposed to travel through can easily be clogged, which could endanger persons in the home.

You should also plan for those times when precautions still don’t work and a fire or a buildup of carbon monoxide becomes a possibility.  Smoke alarms should be installed at each level of your residence, with additional units in the kitchen and bedrooms.

Finally, make sure that you’re not accidentally increasing the risk of a fire.  Any product that could potentially catch fire should be kept away from fireplaces, furnaces, candles, and anything that could give off a flame.  If you’re disposing of ashes, make sure to store them in a metal canister outside, and give them ample time to cool off.

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