Steps Employers Can Take To Limit Falls On Worksites

Posted on October 23, 2013

Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration came out with their list of the most common violations that occurred on construction worksites throughout 2013, and a lack of adequate protection from falls was the most cited problem.  In order to help make sure these numbers are reduced over the next year, a report has outlined some of those practices that might be put into place.

The best way to keep a fall from happening is by using infrastructure designed specifically to keep workers safe from harm.  Guardrails and other equipment that make a fall nearly impossible are a far better idea than simply using a harness or a safety net, which may prevent damage but won’t actually prevent the fall from occurring in the first place.

If the job site is such that an employee must use some type of fall arrest system, they have to be properly trained so that they know how to use the equipment.  The system itself has to be inspected at regular intervals and it must be set up to fit each worker who is going to use it.  There also must be people well-versed in how to conduct a rescue when a fall does occur.

Finally, do what you can to minimize tripping hazards on work sites, as something as seemingly innocuous as a dropped object can lead someone to trip and fall.  Clean up every work area on a regular basis so this can’t happen.

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