Stay Safe When You Or Your Kids Use An ATV This Fall

Posted on October 3, 2013

Although it’s going to be getting cooler in the next few months, there still may be a large amount of California citizens taking to the back of an ATV.  Safety precautions must always be taken atop such vehicles, especially when dealing with children.  A new report relates some tips on ensuring safety.

First, parents must do what they can to protect their kids from harm.  Most ATVs designed for adults would not be appropriate for children.  Instead of allowing a child to ride such a unit, a parent should look into the purchase of an ATV that suits his or her age and size.  They should be taught proper handling via a safety course before they’re ever allowed to drive, and parents should stress the importance of putting on safety gear, with a helmet at the top of the list of essential materials.

Children and adults alike need to recognize the importance of sticking to the passenger limits in place on ATVs. Some units are designed with two people in mind, but no more than that should ride such vehicles, and those ATVs only suitable for one person should never carry more than that single individual.

Realize that ATVs are also not permissible on pavement, as they were simply not developed with that kind of terrain in mind.  Instead, stick to off-road trails, and never let drugs or alcohol enter the equation.

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