Be Smart (And Safe) When Heating Your Home

Posted on October 29, 2013

As it gets colder and colder over the next couple of months, many people will turn to space heaters to warm their homes, especially those in Southern California that maybe don’t have a dedicated heating system.  However, heating in this manner must be approached safely, and that can be accomplished by heeding some tips from Ohio’s State Fire Marshal.

Safety should start when you’re actually looking to purchase a space heater.  You should buy a unit that will turn off automatically if it topples over.  Otherwise, the buildup of heat in an area where it wasn’t meant to be directed could create a fire.

You should place any space heater on a flat surface to minimize this eventuality, and you must be in the vicinity whenever the heater is turned on so that there won’t be any unexpected dangers.  The moment you leave, you should unplug the unit, and if you’re worried about forgetfulness or your propensity to fall asleep while the item is on, think about investing in a product with a timer.

Keep the heater far away from anything that could catch fire, including blankets, drapes, and other products that could be endangered by an excessive buildup of heat.  Keep cords out of walking paths and ensure that they’re in good repair at all times.  Invest in smoke alarms, test those out on a regular basis, and turn off and replace any heater that gives off sparks or otherwise looks unsafe.

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