Be Safety-Conscious When It Comes To A Child’s Halloween Costume

Posted on October 22, 2013

As we draw ever closer to Halloween, most children will already have their costumes picked out or at least have some idea of what they want to be.  If parents are going to be going out this weekend or over the next week to put together this costume, they need to do so with safety in mind, and the advice coming from a new report can help achieve that.

We’ve talked before about how beneficial it is for a child to have face paint applied rather than a bulky mask that cuts down on their vision.  But by the same token, parents can’t apply just anything to their children’s faces.  Not only could a child be allergic to some substances, but some paints trotted out around Halloween time may not be rated for use by children or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  You have to make sure all face paint is appropriate for your kids.

Parents must also make sure a costume isn’t going to hurt a child’s neck.  Many products place too much pressure on that area, compromising a child’s respiration.  The same goes for any costume that comes complete with a necklace or anything that can wrap around the neck.  These types of items must be avoided.

Your children should be made as comfortable as possible.  That starts with the fit of the costume and extends to props and shoes.  If something could pose any type of conceivable hazard, a safer item should be put on in its place.

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