Protect People By Keeping Pets Safe On Halloween

Posted on October 9, 2013

Recently, we’ve discussed some of the ways that parents can keep their homes and their children safe from harm in the weeks leading up to Halloween, but one area we haven’t touched yet is animal safety.  Halloween can be a stressful time for dogs, and unfortunately, this can end up having an impact on humans as well.  A new report provides some tips that pet owners may put into practice.

First, understand the stressed state that your dog could be in.  When trick or treaters come to your door in all manner of spooky costume, your dog could panic and potentially go bolting out the door.  This can cause an accident if the dog’s path has them plowing into a pedestrian or moving directly into traffic.  If your dog is the least bit skittish, it’s best to keep them in a part of the residence away from the home.

The same goes for if you’re throwing some kind of costumed Halloween party.  Have a room designated for the dog to be in so that they won’t be scared by the event.  This is especially important if your dog is even the least bit aggressive.  You don’t want to be held liable if your dog ends up biting someone who was a guest in your home.

You also need to make sure that decorations are clear of any path that a dog frequents.  If you have lit candles, a stray tail could catch that and cause it tumbling, prompting a fire to break out.  Finally, make sure all cords for electrical items are out of the way.

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