Outfit Your Child In A Halloween Costume That Ensures Safety

Posted on October 8, 2013

Trick-or-treating is in the offing for many families across Southern California, and with events taking place in the weeks leading up to Halloween as well, it’s important to think about costume safety long before the holiday even gets here.  To that end, parents trying to protect their children from harm should examine some of the costume tips available in a new report.

You first want to stress visibility, both of your child to others and of others to your child.  If you’re going to be wandering through neighborhoods, it’s imperative that motorists and other pedestrians see your child, and you can accomplish that with a flashlight, reflective tape, and costume materials that further enhance visibility.  And so that your children can see their environment, masks should be foregone in favor of face paint (although parents should be cognizant of the possible allergen threat posed).

Parents also need to invest in costumes that won’t easily catch fire.  Your home may not pose fire hazards, but as children travel around the neighborhood, they may encounter candles and various other threats.  Therefore, purchase flame retardant costumes and those that are less billowy so that they’re not going to catch on something.

Finally, make sure that your children are comfortable.  Contact lenses are a bad idea due to the pain they can create.  Any other items that fall into the eyes or interfere with breathing should be avoided.

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