Motorcyclists Must Strive To Revisit The Proper Safety Techniques

Posted on October 21, 2013

For those who ride motorcycles, it’s easy to get comfortable with one’s riding style, but in doing so, safety can lapse.  Safety must always be revisited, and attention should be paid to those expert maneuvers that can be used to further avert disaster.  To that end, a member of the the Motor Patrol of the Connecticut State Police is illuminating those precautions that can be taken on the road in a new report.

He first asks that all motorcyclists understand the importance of riding slightly off-center while in the roadway.  There are two reasons for this:  first, debris and drippings from automobiles will accumulate in this part of the lane, putting motorcyclists in danger.  Second, a motorcyclist has a better chance of being seen when they’re toward the left or right of the lane.

Much of safety will rest in the way that the rider scans his or her environment.  Rather than simply looking forward to see what a leading automobile operator is up to, a  motorcyclist ought to be looking from side to side and in the mirrors to identify hazards on all fronts.  Motorcyclists should also take advantage of their relatively high position to gauge what vehicles a few car lengths in front of them are up to.

If you notice a texting driver, steer clear.  He or she will not be paying attention, and you want to give them a wide berth to account for their assuredly erratic behavior.

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