LAFD Hopes To Help Californians Stay Safe In High Wind Areas

Posted on October 7, 2013

Concerned about the strong winds that have been buffeting Southern California as of late, the Los Angeles Fire Department has put together some tips to help citizens avoid those threats that go hand in hand with such weather phenomena.  They’re important for anyone in the path of such winds to review.

You should first be cognizant of the increased wildfire threat that goes along with wind.  When winds are at their peak, you must think twice before having a barbecue in a particularly dry area.  The same goes for if you’re thinking about using power tools or even a vehicle that could give off a spark.  Always be aware of your surroundings and the potential for a fire.

To protect your own home and family when a wildfire is spreading through the area, have evacuation procedures in place that you can enact when the signal goes out to flee the area.  And if you see smoke, be sure to alert the authorities immediately so that officials can respond at once.

You must also be prepared in the event that the wind knocks out power lines.  Steer clear of these, as they could still be live and thus shock you if you make contact.  Give a wide berth in case there is water or some type of transmitter nearby.  And if you come across a traffic light that’s out, have patience and go through after coming to a complete stop and making sure you have the right of way.

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