Keep Kids Protected At Home And On Social Media

Posted on October 17, 2013

With children having been back in school for quite some time at this point, it’s important to revisit those precautions that families can take in order to ensure personal safety around the home.  A new report relates some tips from Master Lock that seek to boost that safety.

If parents know they’re not always going to be home when their children get back to the residence, there should be ground rules laid out so that kids know the proper behavior when they arrive.  Children should be mature enough to accept this responsibility, and if you determine that they are, make sure they know that they should always lock the door behind them.

They should know that it is not acceptable to open the door for anyone they don’t know.  The child should give you a call the moment they arrive home, and emergency numbers should be displayed in an easily accessible place in case the child gets into some sort of dangerous situation.

Protection should also extend to how your children interact with social media.  Today’s teenagers are growing up in a world in which it seems like every single one of their peers is sharing every detail of their lives on online forums.

Don’t let your children make that same mistake.  Explain to them how dangerous it can be to talk about themselves online, especially to someone they don’t know.  Make sure their accounts are kept private and free of personal identification information, photos, and any other sensitive details.

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