Keep Children Safe In High Chairs By Exercising The Right Precautions

Posted on October 7, 2013

When a parent sets out to buy a high chair, safety has to be the main consideration.  A unit must be capable of safely holding a child, and you can help ensure this by researching units prior to purchase and making sure that you always buy new products rather than rely on a used one that may not meet current standards.

So that safety may be further assured after you’ve actually decided upon a product, parents can look to the advice in a new report.  A parent must use the product under the directives of the instructions provided by the manufacturer.  That means that, rather than simply placing a child in the seat and leaving it at that, a parent needs to engage all straps and mechanisms to ensure the child remains in place.  If the chair folds, it must be locked into its upright position, and if it’s wheeled around, the wheels must similarly be locked.

You should be around at all times while your child is in this position.  If not, the kid might attempt to wriggle out of the chair to come find you, and this could prove hazardous if he or she falls or becomes entrapped.

Finally, make sure that your child can’t reach anything that would be potentially dangerous for him or her.  That includes hazardous objects as well as any surface that he or she could use as leverage to push their chair over.

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