Items That Can Stave Off Further Danger If Your Vehicle Is Immobilized

Posted on October 16, 2013

If you were driving and found yourself stranded in an unfamiliar environment, would you have the necessary resources at hand to stave off a potential disaster?

Hopefully, the answer is yes, but sadly, there are many out there who fail to carry the proper travel items with them in their vehicles.  For some, it’s a simple fact of not realizing you need something until after some sort of incident has already occurred.

Don’t be caught off-guard by a potential engine stall or an accident.  Outfit your vehicle with some of the items described in a new article from Consumer Reports.  Having the various equipment on hand can help you protect yourself from harm should some dangerous situation ever play out.

The first and perhaps most important item is something that hardly any driver leaves home without in the modern day: the cellphone.  If you’re ever stranded or in an accident, a phone is your lifeline to the rest of the world.  You can call the authorities or a travel company like AAA to give you a ride as necessary.  Keep track of mile markers and landmarks on the highway so that you can tell the parties on the other end of the line precisely where you’re positioned.  Have a car charger on hand so that you can be sure your phone won’t die on you during such a situation.

You’re also going to want some means to see to basic injuries in the event of an accident, and that’s where a first aid kit comes in handy.  Even a basic unit containing bandages and burn protection is worthwhile.  There are a range of sizes and types to choose from, and you want something that you’re comfortable handling.  Get to know the items inside so that you can properly use them should an emergency occur.

Other items contained in an emergency roadside kit can maybe even get you back on the road.  A lug wrench, a tire jack, and a spare tire are essential in case your situation amounts to nothing more than a flattened tire.  You might even be able to plug smaller holes with some type of sealant, so have that on hand as well.  If you experience an electrical issue, a quick glance at the owner’s manual will outline how to replace a fuse, so you should have extra fuses at the ready too.  And a pair of jumper cables is a great idea in case all you need to get to a mechanic is a helping hand from another driver.

Finally, make sure that you’re not being further endangered while you’re alongside the road.  Have flares or some type of warning light or triangle that you can position in the road to alert other travelers to your presence.

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