Improve Safety By Ensuring Your Deck Is Adequately Supported

Posted on October 11, 2013

If your residence has a deck, then you owe it to yourself and any guests to verify the security of the structure so that a terrible injury can’t occur.  To do that, you might think about putting into practice some of the safety precautions discussed in a new report.

Before you have guests over or place a large amount of stress on the deck, thoroughly check it for damage, particularly those areas that are responsible for propping the deck up.  The report advises taking something like an ice pick and pushing it into the wooden supports.  If a piece of wood easily comes away or the tool can be shoved in half an inch like you’re putting it into a stick of butter, it could be a sign of rot and a subsequent collapse risk.

You should also take a look at the deck as people move around it.  Can simple walking be enough to cause it to sway?  Does the wind cause it to creak and move?  Pay particular attention to stairs and railings when you’re checking this.  If excessive movement is apparent, then you might need to have a contractor come out to verify the safety of the structure and make necessary repairs.

Finally, look over the various bolts put in place to fasten all portions of the deck together and check out the section where the house connects to the deck to make sure there’s no area that has broken away.

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