FDA Explains Why Decorative Contact Lenses Imperil Halloween Safety

Posted on October 25, 2013

As people around the country ready their Halloween costumes for next week, some may look into the possibility of adding decorative contact lenses to make their outfits stand out from the rest.  Unfortunately, those that aren’t careful could end up incurring a serious injury or infection.

The Food and Drug Administration is warning citizens against using any contact lenses that haven’t been prescribed to them by a physician.  Most people probably don’t realize that these objects are designated as medical devices, and as such, they come into the purview of the FDA.  You might be surprised to find out that those contact lenses that seem to be prevalent at costume shops are in fact not authorized to be sold there.

Thus, you need to avoid buying these products and buying into their claims of safety and how they can fit anyone.  Looking good simply isn’t worth the risk.

If you’re doubtful of the impact, then consider some of the serious side effects that await those who buy contacts without a prescription.  Pink eye is one distinct possibility, as is contracting an infection of the cornea.  A scratch of this part of the eye is also something that occurs quite often.  Even without a scratch, vision can deteriorate substantially, and some people may even suffer blindness.

Instead, rely on a doctor for your contact needs.  Clean them appropriately to prevent an infection, and make your Halloween as safe as possible.

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