Exotic Snakes Can Endanger Citizens

Posted on October 31, 2013

A new article takes a look at the danger posed to public safety by widespread ownership of dangerous snakes, with the author suggesting that the country is reaching a boiling point, especially in Florida, where snakes have begun to spread around the state, causing havoc throughout.

The author is the CEO of an organization called Born Free.  That entity has kept track of incidents involving exotic snakes, and they estimate that, since 1995, there have been 471 dangerous situations and 19 fatalities among humans.  Last year, there were 106 tracked incidents, a dramatic increase from the 20 such incidents that played out in 2009.

Although California has some of the toughest laws on the ownership of dangerous snakes, it’s still important to stress the impact that having such a potentially pet can have.  Snakes, whether they’re venomous or simply massive, can be deadly to pets and humans.  They can constrict small animals and children, and if they sink their fangs into you, the results can be devastating.

They’re also harmful to the environment.  As a result of smuggling, dangerous snakes not indigenous to the United States can now be found in many parts of the country.  What usually happens is a pet owner will simply get tired of the pet and let it go.  It will procreate and more snakes will spread out.

Pet owners should know that if they harbor a dangerous animal like a snake and it bites someone, they could be held liable for the ensuing injury or fatality.

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