Employers Must Take Steps To Protect The Eye Health Of Workers

Posted on October 1, 2013

A new report from Occupational Health & Safety delves into the importance of employers implementing programs designed to protect workers’ eyes from harm.  This is especially important for those industries that deal with dangerous chemicals that could severely damage an individual’s vision if exposure occurs.

OHS first advises that safety managers give a thorough once-over to facilities to identify those things that could create hazards.  In addition to chemicals that could get into a person’s eyes, this manager should also make note of any debris that might get into the air and in turn, a person’s eyes, as well as machinery and other objects that could compromise vision.

From there, the next step will be figuring out the type of eyewear that’s up to the task of offering protection.  The correct item will depend on the severity of the hazards present.  Plano glasses are going to be your most basic form of protection, but if you want to keep your workers especially safe, you’ll want to invest in wraparound equipment.

When dealing with chemicals, these types of glasses may not be sufficient, and you’ll thus want to look into providing goggles that can create a seal with an individual’s face, preventing any type of particles from entering the eye area.  Attention should also be placed to correcting pre-existing vision problems, making sure that anyone who needs glasses are able to get those items.

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