Eliminate Fire Threats As The Weather Cools

Posted on October 21, 2013

As it gets colder outside, it’s imperative that citizens do what they can to protect their home from those fire threats which tend to pop up during winter months.  The State Fire Marshal’s Office of West Virginia has come out with a set of tips that even citizens of California would be wise to practice, as doing so can dramatically reduce the risk of a fire.

First, be aware of the dangers inherent in hoarding.  More than just being a nuisance that takes up space, hoarding can pose a serious threat when it gets to the point where paths are blocked when a fire necessitates speedy egress.  People may be blocked from swiftly exiting, or they might trip, becoming trapped and having their lives put at risk by an encroaching fire.  Even firefighters could be endangered if they respond to a blaze but aren’t prepared for the obstacles awaiting them inside.

The lesson should be obvious:  hoarding must be avoided at all costs, and those who have a tendency to hoard must seek professional help.

This is a good time of the year to clean out a chimney if you have one, as the buildup of creosote since the last time you did so can pose a fire hazard.  Leaves are also dangerous at this time of the year, and you should clean these regularly until your tree is bare so that there’s no danger.  Finally, avoid parking on a pile of leaves, as sparks thrown from your automobile can ignite the fallen foliage.

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