Drivers Can Prevent Distraction Dangers With A Pet Harness

Posted on October 8, 2013

A lot of attention gets paid to distracted driving in this day and age, and rightfully so.  But although cellphones draw a brunt of the blame for many accidents, pet owners also have to realize the danger that having a pet in the vehicle can pose.  Thankfully, there are steps that can be taken to protect pets and their owners alike, and those are disclosed in a new report out of Atlanta.

Rather than keeping a pet on your lap, in the front seat, or even in the backseat or trunk area unencumbered, you should purchase a product that acts as a harness for your animal during the ride.  In this way, you ensure that you won’t be distracted and that your animal will be protected if a crash does occur.

Realize that there are myriad dangers to consider in a wreck.  A pet could be flung forward, being injured and possibly injuring you if they’re positioned behind you at the time.  There’s also the worry that, even if the pet is alright, they may run off following the incident, possibly causing further damage to themselves or creating a hazard for other drivers.  This is another reason why a harness can boost safety dramatically.

Also consider those other products that may help.  A seat barrier preventing entry to the front seat can reduce distractions, although it can’t take the place of a harness during a wreck.  The report notes that you can even invest in goggles so that debris from an open window doesn’t injure your dog’s sensitive eyes.

Finally, riding in the pickup bed is not permissible.  This is even more dangerous than riding untethered in the backseat.

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