Communication Can Help Parents Protect Teen Drivers

Posted on October 22, 2013

Parents’ stress levels are likely going to go up the moment that their teenagers obtain their driver’s licenses, but there are ways to ensure that teens will be kept as safe as possible when they’re at the wheel.  With this week being designated as Teen Driver Safety Week around the country, Consumer Reports has related some important tips for parents looking to help their teens stay safe while driving.

Communication is imperative for parents looking to help their teens, and according to one Connecticut attorney, parents should have their teenagers approach things as if they were putting together a pre-flight checklist.  That means a teen should easily be able to tell his or her parents where they’re going, how they’re going to get there, what time they expect to arrive, and what they’re going to do if some sort of emergency erupts, among other things.

In this way, your teen gets in the habit of preparing themselves for the responsibility of driving every time they’re at the wheel, and your mind will be set at ease as to what your teenager is up to.  If ever a teen fails to easily relate any of this information, it should act as a warning about their intentions.

At no point should a teenager be able to simply go out driving with their friends without a specific task or destination in mind.  Doing so puts them at risk of distraction and other dangers as they wander aimlessly.

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