Chances Of Hitting A Deer Grow Smaller, But Precautions Still Needed

Posted on October 2, 2013

A new survey from State Farm Insurance delves into the likelihood of an individual hitting a deer, and the good news is that your odds of avoiding such a collision are better than they were last year.  The bad news is that deer population has actually gone up in recent years, and the damage that a collision could create should not go underestimated.

Over the next year (the survey claims), you have a one in 174 shot of striking a deer with your vehicle, which is better than the one in 167 chance from a year ago.  For insurance companies, this is still an issue of particular concern, as you can’t really recuperate repairs and injury costs from a deer, and thus the insurance company will often be left with the bill.

Because a collision with a deer can do severe damage to both your automobile and to your overall health, there are certain precautions that you need to take in order to protect yourself.  When you see a deer, you should always be of the mind that there’s another deer right behind it, as they tend to travel in packs.  You should reduce your speed and carefully analyze your environment when you see signage noting the presence of wildlife.  If no other traffic is around, flicking on your high beams is acceptable.

If you’re ever involved in a collision, make sure to get onto the shoulder if you can.  At that point, you should call the police and then get in touch with your insurance company.

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