Campaign Asks Drivers To Do Their Part To Eliminate Fatalities

Posted on October 10, 2013

Today marks an event called “Put the Brakes on Fatalities Day,” and numerous states across the country are taking part in activities centered around the campaign.  The event hails from the Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and that organization has related some safety tips from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that drivers all across the country can look to to dramatically reduce the risk of death on our nation’s roads.

The first set of safety tips is targeted toward drivers of standard automobiles, and the initial piece of advice that the organization hopes to stress is the idea that a driver shouldn’t suddenly switch lanes to cut off a vehicle that is alongside and behind them.  This is especially important when dealing with a tractor trailer or when in the middle of a traffic snarl.

Considering the threat posed by distracted driving, it should go without saying that drivers should be hanging up their phones and keeping their full attention on the road itself.  Distraction has truly turned out to be the defining traffic safety topic of the past few years, and everyone must do their part to eliminate such dangers.  Otherwise, fatalities will continue to crop up.

One must always also be careful when entering the blind spot of a much larger vehicle.  Drivers have to understand the limitations of these conveyances.  You would never want to cut them off because of how hard it is for them to stop on a dime, and you should also never want to hang out in the area where the driver can’t see you.  This is especially important to understand when the driver of the vehicle is about to execute a turn.  Such vehicles need a wider berth than your standard sedan, and when they do turn, the front of the vehicle has to cut back inward, pulling the trailer along with it.  If you’re in the path, whether as a motorist or a pedestrian, you could be struck.

Motorcyclists are asked to recognize some of the same safety precautions, although they have to take safety even further given the relative lack of protection.  If you ride a motorcycle, invest in your own safety by staying well clear of larger trucks.  Use signals and respect any other vehicle that turns on its signal, but also be cognizant of the fact that not all drivers are as accommodating.  They may switch lanes or turn without using a signal as a warning, and the only way to avoid an accident is to never be in their blind spots in the first place.

Take the proper precautions today and every day so that the brakes can be put on fatalities all throughout the year.

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