Boston Bikes Highlights How To Safely Navigate City Roads

Posted on October 7, 2013

The city of Boston’s Boston Bikes group has come out with a series of tips geared toward getting around on such a conveyance in an urban area.  The advice on hand would be important for Southern Californians to consider as well, given the numerous obstacles such riders face on a daily basis.

The Governor of California may have just signed a law requiring automobile operators to give cyclists three feet of space when passing, but cyclists should understand the value of putting three feet between themselves and parked automobiles.  Anyone who has been doored can attest to this.  Cyclists must be cautious near parked cars, as a door could come open at once, causing a severe injury in the process.

Cyclists also have to realize that they’re to follow the same rules as any other automobile.  You wouldn’t want to see a sedan weaving in and out of other cars, driving up onto the sidewalk, and ignoring stop signs, red lights, and pedestrian safety.  Obey all traffic laws as if you were behind the wheel of an automobile.

Finally, realize that you’re not going to be as visible to other drivers as you might hope.  Decrease your chances of being struck by always avoiding the blind spots of larger vehicles, big rigs and buses in particular.  Be aware of vehicles about to execute a turn, always keeping yourself in the mirror and giving plenty of space to drivers so that they’ll know where you are and you can act quickly enough to avoid disaster.

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