Last Minute Ways To Ensure Road Safety On Halloween

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With Halloween finally here, it’s important to supply some last-minute tips that anyone driving during the holiday can exercise in order to protect those child pedestrians who may be out trick-or-treating.  The tips hail from the Los Angeles Police Department and the California Office of Traffic Safety.  If possible to do so, don’t drive through a residential section of town where you know there will be children out.  Instead, you might leave early or later in the night when the likelihood of children being present is smaller.  If you absolutely must drive through such areas, make sure your headlights are on and you’re obeying all applicable laws, keeping your speed in check and paying attention to your surroundings.  Should you be the host of a party, stress to guests that they should have designated drivers, and be willing to offer non-alcoholic beverages so that everyone can make it home safely.

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