Blade Detachment Risk Leads to Recall of 2,800 Tommy Bahama Fans

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A series of outdoor ceiling fans are being recalled by the St. Louis, Missouri-based Emerson Air Comfort Products due to a potential injury risk posed.  The recall affects 2,800 or so 52-inch ceiling fans rated for outdoor use.  Each was sold across the country and is of the Copa Breeze style under the Tommy Bahama brand.  These bronze fans have brackets that are in danger of breaking.  When that occurs, the blades of the fans can become dislodged, falling onto passersby below.  One person has already reported being struck in the back of the head by a blade, while two others have reported a detachment incident without injury.  The products, which were sold around the country between April 2010 and July of last year, should not be used.  A repair from an Emerson technician can be obtained by contacting the company.

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