Inhaler Users Warned By FDA About Chlorofluorocarbon Phaseout

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If you still use an inhaler that utilizes chlorofluorocarbons, then it’s imperative that you speak with a doctor to obtain an alternate product as soon as possible.  As the Food and Drug Administration notes in a new report, these types of items are about to become a thing of the past by the end of the year.  The agency has been phasing out the products due to the impact they can have on the ozone layer.  This latest move comes on the heels of various cosmetics and air conditioning units also having to kick CFCs to the curb in the name of protecting the environment.  Many inhaler products have already been taken off the market, with the Maxair Autohaler and Combivent Inhalation Aerosol being the lone holdouts.  But with even those going away by year’s end, consumers need to protect themselves by seeking a healthy replacement from a doctor.

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