2,237 Cargo Trailers Recalled By Horton Vans Over Door Lock Issue

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Cargo trailers of the 2006 through 2013 model years are being recalled by Horton Vans because of a potential entrapment hazard.  2,237 vehicles are affected by the recall, and each will have a door lock from Fastec.  The deadbolt of these locks is in danger of jamming if the user removes the key in a certain manner.  If someone is inside of the trailer when the jam occurs, he or she would be unable to get out.  They would have to potentially activate the emergency exit in order to leave, and the entire situation may pose an injury hazard.  Although Fastec is responsible for getting new locks to owners, it will be Horton that actually makes contact with consumers.  There has not, however, been any indication as to when that will take place.

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