Technology Unveiled By Toyota Aims To Avert Auto Accidents

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Toyota is the latest automobile manufacturer to announce the development and implementation of vehicle technology capable of taking actions to avoid an accident when a driver fails to or is unable to do the same.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the automaker announced that in two years they will unroll vehicles that are capable of transmitting information to one another in order to make roads safer.    The technology actually revolves around two systems working in conjunction with one another.  One uses radar and camera tools in order to assist a driver with staying within the lane.  The other system uses radio to monitor how fast other automobiles are going in order to determine if paths and speeds could contribute to a potential crash.

At a demonstration of these new technologies, Toyota also showed off a system that would reportedly be capable of avoiding a pedestrian accident.  In addition to simply applying the brakes when the onboard system determines that a pedestrian strike is imminent, the vehicle can also pull the wheel to the side to steer clear of the pedestrian.

The system that involves swapping information to gauge speeds and position is set to come out in 2015, starting with certain vehicle types before moving onto others that could benefit from the technology.