Protect Yourself When Moving Through An Empty Parking Lot

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A new report has come out relating some safety tips that persons can put into practice when walking through an empty parking lot.  The tips hail from the police department of Syracuse, New York.

First, always be cognizant of where you are and what you would do in the event that you are set upon by some type of attacker.  Keep track of any people who may be lurking, and if someone is milling around your car, you might even head back inside to where you came from until they leave.  Figure out where you parked before you head out the door whenever so that you’re not wandering around in an aimless fashion.

You should walk with someone late at night whenever you can, but when this isn’t possible, you’ll want to not make yourself a target.  Limit how much you’re carrying as you head to the car, and don’t pay more attention to a cellphone or getting your keys out than you are to the parking lot itself.

If you can, park only in those areas that have sufficient lighting and that have plenty of foot and vehicle traffic, as there is always strength in numbers.  Wear a pair of tennis shoes that allow you to beat a hasty retreat if you need to, and if ever you feel threatened, yell as loud as you can and run to someplace you know will be populated.