Take Steps To Prevent Injury While Doing Fall Yard Work

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Many people around California are about to engage in various types of yard work now that fall is here.  But if you fit into this category, you must be willing to take the proper safety precautions or else potentially face a serious injury.  To make sure that doesn’t happen, consider the safety tips included in a new report.

If you’re lifting something heavy, be it a bag of leaves, a ladder, or some type of work tool, then you must put the pressure on your legs rather than your back.  When you lift with your legs, you protect your back from the injuries that can come about with extensive strain.  You must also strive to minimize twisting motions when engaged in this type of action.

Should you crawl up onto your roof in order to move some of the leaves that have accumulated there, take particular caution with the ladder.  You should be able to position the ladder in such a way that it won’t wobble or tilt awkwardly when it’s placed on the ground.  If the ground is wet, you should place something beneath the ladder or have someone around who can steady it.  In fact, such a helper should be around at all times regardless of terrain.

As you work, strive to stay between the two sides of the ladder, not letting yourself reach further than would be safe.  Avoid the top rung, and climb down as carefully as you climbed up.