Swimming Safety Still Vital During The Fall

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Although we’re well into fall at this point in the year, there’s always a chance here in Southern California that the weather will be warm enough to go for a swim outdoors.  Plus, we can’t forget the numerous indoor lap pools scattered around the state.  Because of this, it’s important to consider some of the safety tips made available by the International Swimming Hall of Fame in a new report from Santa Clarita Magazine.

It’s important to get children and those who supervise them to take safety seriously.  When your children are old enough, you can greatly boost their wellbeing by submitting them for swimming lessons from a qualified instructor.  While swimming lessons are no stand-in for supervision, your child is protected if he or she knows how to keep themselves afloat.  Babysitters should understand the importance of supervision, too, never letting a child out of their sight just because the kid looks like he or she is a good swimmer.

Certain items around the pool should still be available, even in the fall.  It’s tempting to haul items inside if you go for days and weeks without using the pool, but this isn’t admissible when it comes to safety.  A first aid kit should be on hand, as should various tools that can help someone out of the pool if they’re drowning.  Flotation devices, hooks, and other items are also essential.  However, you should keep toys indoors so a child isn’t lured outside when you’re not around to supervise.