5,200 Plunge Cut Circular Saws Recalled By Festool Over Safety Issue

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5,200 Plunge Cut Circular Saws are being recalled by the Lebanon, Indiana-based Festool USA because of a laceration risk posed.  These TS 55 units with a 160 millimeter saw blade and a date range between February and May 2013 can see the engagement of their plunge locks when a user is not expecting that to happen.  Thus, once the plunge cut has been made and the user has no need of the saw, that blade could still be sticking out, and an individual then making contact with it could be slashed.  One incident involving property damage but no injuries has been reported, and to prevent future mishaps, owners are being asked to cease usage of the saws.  The company can be contacted by those looking for a refund or a new product.

For more about the recall, follow this link.