Understanding The Impact Of A Distracted Driving Citation

Posted on September 27, 2013

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the various driving laws in place throughout the state of California.  But just because somebody is unclear on a given law doesn’t mean they won’t be ticketed if an officer determines that what they’re doing is illegal.  Therefore, citizens would be wise to check out a new report from the Manteca Bulletin that answers some common questions with help from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The first bone of contention is the impact that a cellphone-based violation will have on one’s record.  More than simply being a fine that an individual has to pay, there’s also the possibility that the citation will be added to a person’s public record.  If insurance companies get ahold of this information, they have the option to raise that person’s premiums.  Therefore, talking or texting on a cellphone while at the the wheel could have a longterm impact that goes beyond just a one-time fine.  The lesson is clear:  put down the phone.

Some people may seek to get around this law by using a hands-free device, and while this is currently legal, it would not be acceptable to use a pair of headphones for the conversation.  One headphone would be okay, but two headphones is thought to drown out environmental noise and is deemed illegal.

The report goes on to list the objects to have on hand in an emergency kit if you’re ever stuck alongside the road, so click the link above to learn more.

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