Tracking Down Reumofan Maker Proves Difficult

Posted on September 25, 2013

Some people who suffer from joint pain or arthritis may turn to a dietary supplement known as Reumofan as a means to treat their condition.  But a recent investigation from USA Today reveals that even tracking down the company behind the supplement has proven to be a difficult task, and when combined with the fact that consumers are being warned about the dangers of the drug, it’s clear that the supplement should be avoided at all costs.

Testing revealed that the supplement may contain as many as three prescription drugs, something that brings the products out of line with what could be considered a dietary supplement.

Records reveal that persons who have taken the products have done so not without consequence.  Serious bleeding, strokes, and liver damage have all been reported, and the product has also been tied to three fatalities.  Muddying the waters of how serious the issue might be is the fact that dietary supplement adversity is not reported to the Food and Drug Administration the same way that an item labeled as a drug would be.

USAToday’s investigation hinged on their digging into Riger Natural, the company behind Reumofan.  But after sifting through records and even visiting the addresses found on the website, investigators came up empty-handed.  Mexican health officials have similarly been unable to track down the firm.  The FDA is tight-lipped while the matter is under investigation.

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