Safety Tips For Pet Owners As Summer Gives Way To Fall

Posted on September 30, 2013

As summer gives way to fall, some of the threats posed by severe temperatures are eliminated, though in their stead will be certain risks inherent with autumn weather.  With that in mind, a new report has been put together to help persons keep their pets safe, and they’re important to keep in mind, as many of them can also come in handy for pet owners as well.

For instance, realize that leaves can conceal numerous hazards.  If pieces of a chain link fence are hidden by an accumulation of leaves, a pet or even a human could accidentally step on this metal and suffer from a tetanus infection.  This is hazardous to humans and pets alike, and it’s imperative during such times to submit to a tetanus shot.

You also have to take intensive precautions in those areas frequented by hunters and fishers.  To make yourself visible to the former, make sure that you and your dog have bright clothing on.  That could mean a vest for you and a bandana for your dog.  When near fishing grounds, make sure to look where you and your animal are stepping, as hooks and lines can get left behind and pose a serious injury.

Finally, don’t leave bottles or puddles of antifreeze out where a pet or a child could gain access to them, as this can be deadly.  Clean up any spills immediately to ensure safety.

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