Safeguard Your Medication To Protect Your Own Wellbeing

Posted on September 11, 2013

When you’re prescribed medication, following the directions of your doctor and the label of the drug is essential to ensuring safety.  But those are far from the only precautions that might be taken.  A new report offers some tips from a Valencia-based pharmacy manager that persons can put into practice in order to ensure safety.

Those who take things like pain relievers that are only available via prescription ought to take steps to prevent the theft of those drugs.  Unfortunately, this problem is prevalent among older demographics.  A younger relative may take advantage of their grandmother or grandfather, gaining access to the drugs and replacing the pills with something that looks similar.

To prevent this occurrence, medication might be locked away so that only the patient is able to get to it.  People should also make note of the medication’s appearance so that they’ll know the moment a drug is taken and replaced with something improper.

If you have any prescription medication left over, dispose of it properly so that it doesn’t fall into the hands of someone who’s not supposed to use it.  Pharmacies should be willing to safely get rid of the drugs, and some communities have programs run by local law enforcement entities that further help in this regard.  Santa Clarita, California offers one such service.  Look into what’s available in your area.

Finally, have enough medication so that you’ll be set up for safety in the event of an emergency.  Have a disaster kit ready to go that includes needed medication.

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