Having A Safe Halloween Begins With Early Preparation

Posted on September 30, 2013

Tomorrow is the start of October, and that means that children across the country will soon set their minds on all things Halloween.  One area where steps have to be taken to ensure safety is during trick or treating.  Although Halloween itself is still a month away, it’s important to start thinking about safety now, as by the time you’re headed out on Halloween night, it could be too late.  A new report explains those things to pay attention to.

As you’re shopping for a Halloween costume in the coming weeks, make sure that it won’t be unwieldy for your child.  Any type of trailing material, like a cape or a gown, can end up being a tripping hazard for a child who’s not used to wearing that type of clothing, as can shoes with heels.  The costume also shouldn’t come with props that could do harm.  A sword with a swashbuckler costume, for instance, could do damage in the dark.

Costumes should also have bright colors so that commuters in the area will be able to see your children. If such clothing isn’t available, you should affix reflective tape on the costume and have a flashlight to light the way and illuminate your position.

Of course, that assumes that you’ll be around to carry the flashlight, which absolutely must occur.  Supervision is one of the best ways to ensure safety.

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