Realtors Should Take Steps To Secure Their Own Safety

Posted on September 6, 2013

Realtors could be placed in danger due to the very nature of their jobs.  They’re putting themselves out there in an unknown environment and trusting that the persons who drop into an open house or who schedule an appointment are who they say they are.  To curtail potential threats, a new report relates some important safety tips from police with the city of Frederick, Maryland.

The first thing that a realtor is advised to do is confirm the veracity of a seller’s or buyer’s claims by asking for a driver’s license.  With that complete, a person might do a little Googling before going into business with someone.

But those are just things to do inside the office; the biggest hazards can pop up at the site of an empty home.  Realtors are advised to do a drive around the property to look out for any potential safety threats.  If you notice that a group of people seems to be lurking around the property, it’s imperative to be cautious.

When actually entering the home, realtors should take pains to let the client enter a property first and then follow them in.  The realtor should trail behind so that they’re always closer to the door than the person they’re showing the home to.  One might even opt to stand outside a basement or attic so that they can’t be trapped in those areas.

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