Rail Safety Tips Offered By Be Track Smart Campaign

Posted on September 9, 2013

We previously addressed the various steps being taken to illustrate to Californians the importance of train safety during September’s classification as Rail Safety Month.  One of the campaigns being enacted hails from Amtrak and Caltrans and attempts to get citizens across the state to “Be Track Smart.”

The aptly titled campaign seeks to stress through educational means the numerous ways that wellbeing can be assured along the tracks.  The aforementioned organizations, along with Operation Lifesaver, which helps spread a message of safety awareness, have released a series of tips that residents of California can enact through September and beyond.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to stay away from train tracks other than at designated crossing areas.  Walking, biking, or otherwise traveling along or on train tracks is dangerous as well as illegal and will not be tolerated by law enforcement officials.  When you do cross tracks at the appropriate markers, be it on foot or in a car, respect the signage posted along the way.  Going around the gates is unacceptable due to the threat posed.

Even when the gates aren’t down, you should proceed with caution.  Look each direction before you cross, and if a train’s coming, don’t chance it.  Taking these precautions is particularly important in this day and age, as newer trains might be quieter than many would expect.

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