People Continue To Report Illnesses Related to Chobani Greek Yogurt

Posted on September 10, 2013

Information continues to come out in relation to the recent Chobani Greek yogurt scare.  Although the items were originally pulled from shelves in an action that fell just shy of actually issuing a recall, that changed shortly thereafter, with the item indeed being recalled.  Numerous people have filed reports detailing how they got sick due to consuming the option.

Numerous flavors of yogurt were recalled, and each hailed from a Chobani facility in Twin Falls, Idaho.  At the moment, Chobani has not explained how the potential safety issue came to be or what’s being done to ensure consumers are protected in the future.

That safety issue has to do with the reported contamination by a certain mold.  Although no instances of illness have been confirmed, 89 people have thus far filed a report about a sickness derived from the yogurt.  Those reports related such adversity as cramps and nausea.  Despite these reports, the Food and Drug Administration has stopped short of describing the mold presence as a public health threat.

Chobani, though, has stated that mold could imperil health if persons with weakened immune systems come into contact with it.  Persons who own the yogurt and grocers are being asked to destroy any items impacted by the recall.  Affected products were set to expire between tomorrow and October 7.

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