Look To Safety Ratings and Technology When Choosing A Vehicle

Posted on September 16, 2013

Choosing the right vehicle for yourself and your family is an arduous task.  Many people will stick with a single automobile for upwards of a decade, and you thus have to be ready to pick the vehicle that can keep you as safe as possible during that entire time.  To that end, persons looking for a new automobile may consult the advice on hand in a new report from Kiplinger.

The first thing you’ll likely attempt to figure out is how the automobile in question fared in crash tests.  Seeing how a vehicle does in this regard is a matter of looking at the ratings provided by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

After you take this rating into account, you’ll then want to take a look at the various safety features in place to prevent various types of collisions.  Any vehicle you purchase, especially if it’s new, should have six airbags to keep the occupants inside safe.  You may also inquire as to the availability of a rearview camera that can help you identify obstacles and people behind you so that you don’t back over or into something.

Finally, look into those newer safety systems that take an active role in proceedings.  Some new vehicles will now warn you of an imminent collision, send you a warning if fatigue is detected, and even hit the brakes when need be.  These could each be investments that pay dividends in terms of safety.

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